Stat Profile Prime

Advanced technology in monitoring cell cultures

Stat Profile Prime is the blood gas analyzer / critical states, based on microelectronics and advanced technology: a micro – sensory maps. These technologies make it possible to reduce the size, weight analyzer and consumables, the cost analysis and maintenance time. At the same time their use increases the speed of operation of the device and serves as a guarantee in uptime analyzer.

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Test panel for electrolyte analyzer in 60 seconds:

  • Na, K, Cl
  • Na, K, Cl, Li
  • Na, K, Cl, iCa, iMg

Analyzer Stat Profile Prime:


It provides automatic selection of samples with a capacity of at least 45 samples per hour. It requires minimal routine maintenance; it is on standby for 24 hours.

The three-level liquid QC analyzer provides reliable control and accurate operation it is an important part of daily QC, which makes it easy to use and more affordable.

Microelectronic technology. In order to work it only requires a micro – sensor card (MicroSensor Card and reagent cartridge).

Microsensor technology. All the sensors are in the same micro-touch map, designed for 600 tests for 32 days (20 days warranty Sensor / 400 samples), it is automatically calibrated and ready for immediate analysis.

Protection against clots. Each MicroSensor Card has built a unique system of protection against clots.

Direct sampling syringe, test tubes, and vials, capillary without using an adapter.

A system based on sensory maps and reagent cartridges (allows operation) organizes the work of the analyzer (with a minimum cost of its maintenance) amount of work in his service, thereby increasing the stability and reducing the cost of its operation.

Quick replacement. MicroSensor Card and calibrating the cartridges are supplied ready to use and can easily be replaced. Cartridge RFID technology automatically captures the installation information: time, date, batch, tests measured number.

Reagent (calibration) cartridge contains all the solutions required for the operation of the analyzer, including the waste container.

The integrated 1D / 2D barcode scanner (additional option).

Located in the port sampler. Eliminates the need for external scanners and allows you to quickly and accurately enter data operator and the patient, reading with QC inserts, batch number and expiry date.

Three-level, daily quality controls based on cartridges.

QC Cartridges contain a 30 – day material needed for quality control procedures. Control is performed automatically in user-defined intervals. This automated system complies with the new requirements of CLIA (USA), and other regulatory standards.

Electronic Quality Management System (EMS) (additional option).

Provides control of the analyzer operation, in addition to a liquid QC. EMS continuously monitors the status and performance of all analytical components, including sensors, reagents, calibration, sample integrity and electronics. Compact size analyzer assumes its location almost anywhere in the hospital or on a mobile trolley with battery backup.


  • Color 5.7-inch touch screen with high resolution.
  • Sample volume:
  • * Blood gases – 50 l .;
  • * Blood gas / electrolytes / metabolites – 100 l .;
  • * Blood gas / electrolyte – 100 microliters.
  • Types of samples: Whole blood (heparin), arterial, mixed venous, capillary, serum, plasma, and dialysate.
  • Analysis Time: 60 seconds.
  • Design parameters: temperature correction of pH, PCO2, PO2 NSOz-, TCO2, BE-EFC, BE-B, SBC, OICT, CHCAP, A, AADCH, A / A, RI, * P50, PO2 / FIO2, S02%, * HB, ANION GAP, niCa, niMg, niCa / niMg.

Size (cm): 39,06 x 30,5 x 36,20.

Weight: 7.9 kg.

Manufacturer: NOVA Biomedical