BioProfile pHOx


BioProfile pHOx  for measuring acid-base and respiratory parameters from mammalian cell cultures and bacterial fermentations. This compact, easy-to-use analyzer provides fast, accurate results in a wide range of levels of pH, PCO2, PO2 found in cell culture and fermentation.
Using BioProfile analyzers
Developed with the participation of the leading biotechnology companies, BioProfile analyzers are used in various scale biotechnological systems. Scope BioProfile devices includes:

  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing Process Development
  • Pilot production
  • Industrial production
  • Measured parameters
  • Insert options

Measured parameters

Parameter Methodology of calculation Measurement range Error†
pH An ion-selective sensor 5.00 – 8.00 pH units +0.01%
PO2 Clark sensor 0 – 800 mmHg 5.0%
PCO2 Modified pH electrode 3 – 200 mmHg .0%

Calculated parametrs
CO2 saturation, air saturation, HCO3, total CO2


  • Productivity: 50 samples per hour.
  • Measuring time: 45 seconds.
  • Built-in automatic quality control system (KK) eliminates manual operations.
  • Gasless calibration.
  • A single reagent pack with a capacity for waste.
  • Packs reagent system saves time and simplifies the maintenance of the device replacement
  • procedure reagents.
  • Not complex, easily accessible hydraulic diagram of the device, allowing laboratory personnel to cope with their own services, and the elimination of potential problems.
  • Sample size: 70 microliters.
  • Color, touchscreen display.
  • Visible flow path.
  • Statistical reports KK
  • Autosampler.
  • Built-in thermal printer widths of up to 52 characters.
  • power settings: 90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 W.
  • Dimensions (cm): 38.1 x 30.5 x 38.1.
  • Weight: 8.19 kg.

Manufacturer:  NOVA Biomedical