Lactate Plus


LactatePlus – Measurement of lactate level has now become an integral part of the preparation of athletes. Based on the testimony of lactate, can accurately determine the procedure for preparing the athlete and set the intensity for each workout.

Less pain

Similar devices from other manufacturers require from 5 to 25 ml of blood, which consequently causes more inconvenience to the patient. Application Lactate Plus device, which is enough only 0.7 L, allows the use of the finest, least traumatic lancets for sampling, simplifying the testing process in athletes.

Very accurate

Most laboratories around the world prefer Nova analyzers for measuring lactate in connection with the simplicity and ease of use of these analyzers, as compared with the devices of other manufacturers. The Lactate Plus device includes the highest standards for accuracy and reliability that are required for use in the laboratory.

It does not require calibration code

Similar to lactate test strips require a unique code calibration before using them. This code can be entered manually or automatically at the code strip placed in the device. The codes are unique in each package. They are extremely important in view of the fact that they can change the outcome of up to 30%, depending on the lot of strips. Nova Strips do not require calibration codes, thereby reducing the time required and the real source of the error.

The fastest time analysis

Obsolete technology used in other analyzers lactate requires 60 seconds to get the result. Analyzer Lactate Plus requires only 13 seconds. This means that for sports training time spent on the measurement of lactate in reduced repeatedly.

Additional features:

  • LCD black-and-white display;
  • Large numbers (30 mm);
  • Traditional liquid quality control;
  • Auto-off device in the event of non-use
  • Automatic detection of sample in the analysis;
  • Automatic counter samples with the date / time data tracking.


Measured parameter: lactate in whole blood.

Sample Type: Whole blood.

It excludes the effect of:

  • hematocrittest-poloski
  • ascorbic acid
  • uric acid
  • oxygen
  • paracetamol
  • bilirubin.

Analysis Time: 13 seconds.

Sample volume: 0.7 ml.

Measuring range: 0,3-25,0 mmol / l.

The number of measurements from a single battery: an average of 600 tests.

Communication: Communication: via the USB port. Program for working with data: NOVA Microsoft-Excel.

Measurement Methodology: electro.

Memory device: the shared file on the 10 tests, additional tests 9 to 10 files.

Operating range:

  • Temperatura: from 5 ° C to 45 ° C; Fitness test strips
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% relative humidity.тест полоски спорт

Reagents and strips:

  • QC Controls Quality: 2 levels (low, high);
  • Test strips: 25 strips in a tube, one tube per pack.

The stability of the test strips and quality control:

24 months from the date 90 days after the opening of the tube.

Size (mm): 91,4 x 58,4 x 22,9.

Weight: ’75

Manufacturer: NOVA Biomedical