Stat Profile Prime Plus

Stat Profile Prime Plus is a comprehensive, whole blood critical care analyzer that combines blood gases, electrolytes. Metabolites, co-oximetry and 32 calculated results in a simple, compact device.
Stat Profile Prime Plus combines maintenance-free, replaceable cartridge technology for sensors and reagents with patented, new, maintenance-free and non-lysing whole blood co-oximetry technology.

Stat Profile Prime Plus
Stat Profile pHOx Ultra

CO-oximetry test menu:

  • O2Hb, COHb, MetHb, tHb,  HHb , HbF
  • SO2%
  • TBil

Analyzer Stat Profile Prime Plus:

  • It requires minimal routine maintenance; it is on ready for 24 hours.
  • It is provides the most comprehensive critical care menu.
  • Cleaning and deproteinizing are completely eliminated, this improves reliability and reduces maintenance and costs.


Microelectronic technology. 
In order to work it only requires a MicroSensor Card and reagent cartridge.
Microsensor technology.
All the sensors are in the same MicroSensor Card, designed for 220 or 440 tests for 16 days; it is automatically calibrated and ready for immediate analysis.

New Co-Oximetry technology.
Prime Plus incorporates a new patented optical system that scans a continuous spectrum of optical wavelengths to enable a comprehensive co-oximetry panel results without lysing the sample. The optical components in contact with blood are contained in the disposable sensor card, which is replaced every 16 days.

Direct sampling syringe, test tubes and vials, capillary without using an adapter.

Quick replacement.
MicroSensor Card and calibrating the cartridges are supplied ready to use and can easily be replaced. Cartridge RFID technology automatically captures the installation information: time, date, number lot, measured testes.

Design, based on the sensory cards and the reagent cartridges, allows you to operate the analyzer with the minimum amount of maintenance, thereby reducing the cost of its operation.

New analysisUrea (BUN), Creatinine and eGFR
Stat Profile Prime Plus is the only blood gas analyzer to provide optional whole blood urea (BUN) and creatinine (plus eGFR) tests for rapid assessment of kidney function.

New analysisIonized magnesium (iMg)
Disruptions in the balance of iMg, Na, K and iCa can cause cardiac arrhythmias, reduced cardiac contraction, and cardiac arrest. Prime Plus is the only blood gas analyzer to provide a comprehensive profile of electrolytes including iMg.

Reagent (calibration) cartridge contains all the solutions required for the operation of the analyzer, including the waste container.

The integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner.
Located in the port sampler. Eliminates the need for external scanners and allows you to quickly and accurately enter data operator and the patient, reading with QC inserts, batch number and expiry date.

Three-level daily quality controls based on cartridges.
QC cartridges contain a 30-day material needed for quality control procedures. Control is performed automatically in user-defined intervals. This automated system complies with the new requirements of CLIA (USA), and other regulatory standards.

Supplemental Quality Monitoring (SQM). 
Prime Plus provides an automated electronic quality monitoring supplement to liquid QC. SQM continuously monitors the status and performance of all analytical components, providing real-time, sample-to-sample assurance of correct performance.


  • Colour 10,1-inch touch screen with high resolution.
  • Sample volume: 135 µL of whole blood.
  • Types of sample: whole blood (heparin), arterial, venous, mixed venous.
  • Analysis time: 60 seconds.
  • Calculated tests: temperature correction of pH/PCO2/PO2, eGFR, НСОз-, TCO2, BE-ECF, BE-B, SBC, A, a/A, A-aDO2, PO2/FIO2, ANION GAP, Hb, nCa, nMg, niCa/niMg, osmolality, O2 saturation, actual and standard bicarbonate.
  • Size (cm): 45,7 х 35,6 х 39,1.
  • Weight: 15,88 kg (without reagent pack), 19,3 kg (with reagent pack).

Manufacturer: Nova Biomedical.