StatStrip Glucose

Stat Strip – the latest laboratory analyzer glyukozy.


  • Quick, analysis time 6 sec. – For glucose; 10 sec. – For ketones.
  • Number of samples only 1.2 microliters.
  • The ability to work with any type of sample.
  • Traditional QC quality control
  • Easy-to-read color touch screen.
  • The measurement technique does not require calibration of the instrument.

Flexible POC Control allows you to optimally configure the connection of the device to the lab network. The use of the latest technologies in the construction of the test strip and allowed the electronics measure the glucose in the sample in addition to more and hematocrit. The measurement result is given, corrected for hematocrit. Without correction for hematocrit, the instrument error, based on the test – the strips can be up to 20%, and at higher values ​​of glucose and 40%!

New design Rapidfill ™ test strips prevents dispensing errors samples.

Rapidfill electrochemically controlled blood volume in each of the four measurement locations. The measurement result is given only if all four dimensions of the cells are filled with blood.

The test strips contain the measurement cell, excluding the impact of the outcome of maltose, bilirubin, oxygen, uric acid, ascorbic acid and acetaminophen, which is characteristic of a common instruments using optical or electrochemical glucose oxidase, glucose dehydrogenase and especially electrochemical measuring techniques.

For ease of use in clinical laboratories instrument is equipped with a built-in bar code reader, connect the port to the laboratory network, as well as docking station for charging.



  • The test parameter: The content of glucose in the blood;
  • Measured tests: glucose, ketones, corrected for hematocrit;
  • Measuring time: 6 sec. – Glucose; 10 sec. – Ketones;
  • Sample amount: 0.8 ml. – 1.2 l;
  • Measuring method: Electrochemical;
  • The test sample types: arterial, venous, capillary, neonatal;
  • glucose measurement range: 0,5 – 33,3mmol / L
  • Measuring range of ketones: 0,0 – 08,0 mmol / L
  • Excluding the impact on the result:
  • Hematocrit, maltose, galactose, bilirubin, oxygen, uric acid, ascorbic acid, acetaminophen (paracetamol);
  • hematocrit measurement range: 20% -65%;
  • Working temperature: 15 – 40 C;
  • QC Controls Quality: 3 levels (low, normal, high);
  • The number of test strips in the package: 50 strips in a tube, the tube 2 in the package – glucose; 25 strips in a tube, the tube 2 in the package – ketones.
  • The stability of the test strips and quality control: 24 months from the date 90 days after the opening of the tube.

Data storage:

  • Tests Patients: 1,000 tests;
  • Quality Control Tests: 200 tests;
  • Members: 4000 users.


  • Data output: RJ-45 Ethernet Port;
  • Connect to all LIS / EMR;
  • Protocol: TCP / P Ethernet 10 Mbps;
  • Standard: Data output via ROST1-A compliant;
  • Setup: NovaNet ™ Web-interface virtual machine control.

Battery Information:

  • Type: 3.7V Li Polymer battery;
  • Features: Battery / Replacement;
  • Hours: 6-8 hours using (about 40 tests without barcode scans) / 12-24 hours standby time.

Dock station:

  • Provides charging device and an indication of the RJ-45 Internet status and installed using special mounts on a table or wall;
  • It allows you to charge the optional rechargeable battery;
  •  3rd LED indicators show connection status, transmit / receive data and charging.

Size (mm) 147 x 79 x 30.

Weight: 220 g

Manufacturer: NOVA Biomedical