StatStrip Lactate Xpress

StatStrip Lactate Xpress
Lactate Xpress

A simplified version of the analyzer StatStrip Lactate with a minimal set of additional functions.

Nova StatStrip Xpress Lactate system is designed for the quantitative measurement of In Vitro lactate in whole venous and arterial blood. It is designed to provide equivalent results of laboratory methods. Nova StatStrip Xpress Lactate is intended for use in a clinical setting by health professionals as an aid to assess the acid-base status in patients with suspected lactic acidosis.

Applications lactate analyzer StatStrip® Lactate Xpress

Intensive care: Sepsis; Septic shock.

Trauma: The states with high-risk operations.

Surgery: Trauma; Transplantation.

Infectious diseases: General Medicine – infection control or prevention of sepsis.

Burn units: Failure of the body to burn patients lactate removal.

Maternity wards: Measuring lactate as the best method of assessing fetal distress during labor and umbilical cord blood after birth.

Additional features:

  • LCD black-and-white display;
  • Large numbers (30 mm);
  • Traditional liquid quality control;
  • Auto-off device in the event of non-use
  • Automatic detection of sample in the analysis;
  • Automatic counter samples with the date / time data tracking.

Data storage: Data of patients and quality control: 400 test.

Communication: Communication: via the USB port. Program for working with data: NOVA Microsoft-Excel.

Battery Information: Type: 3V Li battery, replaceable.

Battery life: Minimum 600 tests.

 Test Strips StatStrip Lactate

The output test: lactate.

Analysis Time: 13 seconds.тест полоски лактат

Sample volume: 0.6 ml.

Test Methodology: electro.

Sample Type: Whole blood: arterial, venous, and neonatal.

Lactate Measuring Range: 0.3-20.0 mmol / L (2.7-180 mg / dL).

It excludes the effect of:

  • hematocrit
  • ascorbic acid
  • uric acid
  • oxygen
  • paracetamol
  • bilirubin.

Operating range:

Temperature: 15 ° C to 40 ° C;

Height: up to 15,000 feet;

Humidity: 10% to 90% relative humidity;

Hematocrit: 20% – 65%.

Reagents and strips:

Test strips: 25 strips in each tube, the tube 2 in the package.

Quality Control: 2 levels (low, high); each level is offered separately.

The stability of the test strips and quality control: 18 months from date of production 3 months after opening.

Analyzer Size (mm): 91 x 58 x 23.

Weight analyzer: ’75

Manufacturer: NOVA Biomedical