StatStrip Lactate

StatStrip Lactate1

Analyzer StatStrip Lactate– lactate portable analyzer capable of measuring the test directly from the patient’s bed. Currently lactate measured on blood gas analyzers and electrolytes, which require 100-200 ml of blood sample analysis and takes time to 2.5 minutes. In addition, blood gas analyzers are expensive and complex systems, unlike the portable analyzer express.

StatStrip Lactate Analyzer provides rapid measurement of lactate (13 seconds) with the smallest volume of the blood sample (0.7 L) and easy to use. The cost of the analyzer and consumables is available to any medical unit.

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum 0.7 ml of blood sample
  • Result – 13 seconds
  • Precision is equivalent to laboratory analyzers

Applications lactate analyzer StatStrip® Lactate

Intensive care: Sepsis; Septic shock.

Trauma: The states with high-risk operations.

Surgery: Trauma; Transplantation.

Infectious diseases: General Medicine – infection control or prevention of sepsis.

Burn units: Failure of the body to burn patients lactate removal.

Maternity wards: Measuring lactate as the best method of assessing fetal distress during labor and umbilical cord blood after birth.

Additional features:

  • The color touch screen;
  • Built-in barcode scanner;
  • Traditional liquid quality controls;
  • Abnormal and critical values ​​marked with color backlight;
  • Comments on the results of analyzes;
  • Acceptance testing by ID or registration number and the search results on the patient ID;
  • The presence of the operator password;
  • Connecting to a hospital laboratory network (LIS / EMR);
  • Enter ICD-9 diagnostic codes;
  • Built-in tutorial, you can view on the screen;
  • Possibility of correction results for «Slope».


  • Measured tests: blood lactate (a measure of muscle work);
  • View a sample: arterial, neonatal and venous blood;
  • Excludes the effect of: hematocrit, ascorbic acid, uric acid,
  • oxygen, paracetamol, bilirubin;
  • To get the result required: 0.6 l of whole blood;
  • Measuring range: lactate 3.0 – 192 mg / dL or 0.3 – 20.0 mmol / L;
  • Measuring time: 13 seconds;
  • Operating Temperature: 15 ° – 40 ° C;
  • The range of allowable humidity: 10% – 90%;
  • QC Controls Quality: 2 levels (low, high) level of each available separately;
  • The stability of the test strips and QC: 24 months from the date 90 days after the opening of the tube;
  • The number of strips in the package: 25 strips in a tube, the tube 2 in the package.

Data storage:

  • Tests Patients: 1,000 tests;
  • Quality Control Tests: 500 tests;
  • Members: 4000 users.


  • Data output: RJ-45 Ethernet Port;
  • Protocol: TCP / P Ethernet 100 Mbps;
  • Standard: ROST1-A compliant;
  • Setup: NovaNet ™ Web-interface virtual machine control.

Battery Information:

  • Type: 3.7V Li Polymer battery;
  • Features: Battery / replacement;
  • Hours: 8 hours when using (about 40 tests without the use of a barcode scanner) / 12-24 hours standby time.

Docking Station:док станция

  • Provides charging device and an indication of the RJ-45 status of the Internet and installed using special mounts on a table or wall;
  • It allows you to charge the optional rechargeable battery;
  •  3rd LED indicators show connection status, transmit / receive data and charging.

Size (mm) 147 x 79 x 30.

Weight: 220 g

Manufacturer: NOVA Biomedical