BioProfile Basic, 100, 300, и 400

bioprofile 100BioProfile model includes five fully automated analyzers cell cultures with a test menu from two to ten test, including chemistry, electrolytes and gases. Each model offers automatic calibration, start-up test procedure with one button, and the 40-position sample circle

  • Five models with individual test menu
  • All results – 3 minutes
  • Set-up a click
  • Batch processing (presence of 40-point range for the sample)
  • Automatic analyzer calibration
  • Without prior sample dilution
  • The lack of gas cylinders
  •  Box models


Model Nutrients/metabolites
BioProfile Basic 2 Glucose, Lactate
BioProfile Basic 4 Glutamine,Glutamate,Glucose,Lactate


Model Nutrients/metabolites Acid/slots. status Electrolytes Parameters
BioProfile 100 Plus Glutamine,Glutamate,Glucose,Lactate,Ammonium pH Na, Potassium osmolarnosti
BioProfile 400 Plus Glutamine,Glutamate,Glucose,Lactate,Ammonium pH, PO2, PCO2 Na, Potassium osmolarnosti, air saturation, saturation CO2,  HCO3


Model Nutrients/metabolites Acid/slots. status Electrolytes Parameters
BioProfile 300 A Glucose,Lactate, Acetate,Ammonium,Phosphate pH Na, Potassium osmolarnosti
BioProfile 300 B Glucose,Lactate, Acetate,Ammonium,Phosphate pH Na, Potassium osmolarnosti

BioProfile 300А и 300В offer measuring ranges of glucose, lactate, acetate, ammonium, pH, sodium, potassium and a choice of either phosphate or glycerol used in bacterial fermentation. Both models feature automatic calibration, start-up, one-click batch processing of samples.

The use of analyzers BioProfile:

  • Research and development
  • The development of production processes
  • Pilot production
  • Industrial production

Problems to be solved by using BioProfile:

  • Monitoring progress of bioreactor (fermenter)
  • Determining consumption and production of key metabolites
  • Identification of nutrients limiting growth
  • The design strategy of nutrients
  • Sensor calibration bioreactor
  • Measurement of cell respiration
  • The balance of electrolytes
  • Monitoring of the concentration of waste products in the nutrient medium

Saving time and money

Comprehensive test menu BioProfile analyzers, allows for consolidated testing on a single analyzer. This has resulted in significant savings of time and labor, as well as the ability to manage the process in real time.
BioProfile analyzers with the rapid receipt of results and multifunctional testing provides the following advantages:

  • Not required taking multiple samples and large volume samples from bioreactors
  • Access to test results in real time
  • Significant reduction of operating costs, plus the cost of the reagents
  • Increase the effective monitoring and control processes in the bioreactor
  • Improving process reliability and reproducibility
  • The increase in the speed optimization application of nutrient environments
  • Improving outcomes and quality of production
bioprofile 400

Analytical characteristics

Unlike the built-in monitoring devices, automated analyzer calibration protocol BioProfile provides precise control of quality and supports the consistency of test results. Automatic measurement BioProfile provides faster and more accurate results than the off-line methods.

The results obtained by analyzer BioProfile, show excellent correlation with the conventional measuring methods.

Fully automatic measuring cycle

BioProfile Analyzers are fully automated and are designed for easy use by the operator. After pressing the “ANALYZE” key, the sample is automatically aspirated and analysis process is performed without further operator intervention. On-board computer monitors the analysis cycle from selection of the sample to represent the result. analyzer operating status is constantly displayed, any deviation from the normal operating mode is immediately transferred to the operator, and any questionable results are indicated.

Automated batch processing

Models BioProfile Basic, Plus is 100, 300 and 400 are equipped with 40-position range for the samples to be analyzed about 80 minutes, which allows batch processing to full automation of the process.

Circle Design sample can accommodate various sizes of tubes including:photo44

  • eppendorf tubes, volume: 500 l – 2 ml
  • Cup volume: 500 l – 4ml
  • tube volume: 5 ml – 7 ml


OPC Server

Software Nova OPC server allows BioProfile organize the transfer of analytical information on key chemical tests in any bioreactor controllers, and software compatible with the OPC.

IQ / OQ protocol includes:

  • documentation System
  • Check before installation
  • Check the installation procedure
  • Installation qualification Performance
  • Check Management Tools / System


  • Sample volume: 500 μL.
  • Analysis time: 130 – 180 sec. (Depending on the test panel).
  • Sample Type: Cell culture.
  • Drive samples: 40 position circle for the primary tubes.
  • measurement technology: ion-selective electrodes and amperometric, kolometriya
  • Communications Interface: RS-232 standard (possible connection of external printers, video terminal or computer).
  • Voltage: 100, 120, 220, 240V / 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Dimensions (cm): 52.1 x 48.8 x 52.6.
  • Weight: 41 kg.

Manufacturer: NOVA Biomedical