Stat Profile pHOx Ultra

Only the analyzer pHOx Ultra can measure 20 tests of critical condition from one sample in the amplitude of 210mcl just in 2min. It needs only 60mcl of blood for the gas measurement. The user can make up to 30 tests or pads such as pneumonic, surgical, pediatric ones and etc.

Stat Profile pHOx Ultra

Stat Profile pHOx Ultra-metStat Profile pHOx Ultra Test — an analysis test that works in less than 1minute. Measurement parameters:

  • PН, PCO2, PO2, %S02;
  • Na, K, iCa, iMg, CI;
  • Glucose, Urea/BUN, Сreatinine, Lactate;
  • Hct, Hb;
  • О2 Hb, HHB, COHb, MetHb, Тbil.

The presence of test: Magnesium (Mg), urea (BUN) and bilirubin (tBil).

The measurement of hemoglobin, hematocrit and oxygen saturation in every sample. The innovative biosensors, optical components and mechanism allow to measure these parameters without using CO-oxymeter that reduces the amplitude of a sample and cuts test cost.

The built-in CO-oxymeter (additional option) is used to measure hemoglobin fraction. It has the following options:

  • The full test pad CO-OX includes: О2Hb,HHB, COHb, MetHb,tBil
  • Automatic calibration
  • Automatic clearing

The measurement of ionized magnesium is the most important cation in a human body. It is a crucial co-factor for more than 300 enzymatic reactions, including energy metabolism, protein and nucleic acid synthesis . There are more often deviations towards other electrolytes among the patients under intensive ionized magnesium therapy.

The best possible electrode structure. Gas and enzymatic electrodes have a serviced structure for the extension of service and reduction of operating costs. Ion-selective electrodes have a non-serviced structure that reduces time of staff for analyzer operation.

Automatic quality assurance simplifies the procedure of multilevel quality control by reducing elapsed time and rising confidence level.

Automated internal quality assurance (IQA) does more than 40 validation tests during calibration cycles and sample measurement cycles by checking sensory operation, agent assurance and electronics integrity. IQA system starts a test only when 40 verification test are successfully completed.

Supporting continued readiness:
The full automatic 2-point calibration every two hours, 1-point calibration every 30 minutes or with every sample. The manual calibration can be started any time. Packs contain any necessary analysis solutions including trash container. By replacing a pack the analyzer is calibrated in less than 10 minutes.

Colour touch-screen with a higher resolution is quick response with graphic symbols (icons), highlighted buttons for device control that enables easy data reading.

The network operation (free option); several analyzers can be connected into the shared network and have a common data base. The registered user can get access to all analysis results, quality assurance from all analyzers that are connected to one network.

Sample type: whole blood (heporinized), serum/blood plasma, pooled, dark-red, capillary, bright-red blood.

Sample amplitude:

  • 60mcl of whole blood, blood gases/pH
  • 105mcl of whole blood for CO-OX with total bilirubin
  • 120mcl for the whole test pad without CO-OX (micro sample mode)
  • 210mcl of whole blood for the whole test pad with CO-OX

Remote set-up and control:
There is an option of remote set-up, control and tracking of several analyzers pHOx Ultra to save time. From any point in your local network a doctor can do the following actions:

  • Can check the status of calibration, reagent packs and quality assurance.
  • Can initialize a calibration cycle and quality assurance
  • Can switch on/off the analyzer
  • Can switch on/off operator access
  • Can edit normal levels (human standard ration), critical levels, test-menu.
  • Can connect to network protocols РОСТ 1А and ASTM and standard networks LIS, HIS.


  • 12.1″ CRT colour touch-screen with a higher resolution
  • Software support in Russian
  • Programming data report
  • Built-in temperature printer
  • Analysis time: 50-80 seconds depending on a prescribed test
  • Size(cm): 43,7 х 56,7 х 43,8.
  • Weight: 27kg.

Manufacturer: NOVA Biomedical.