Stat Profile рНОх

The analyzers series Stat Profile pHOX combines the proven “classic” sensor system and a relatively new good solution for linking reagents in the form of cartridges. This combination allowed the manufacturer to create a range of simple-to-use analyzer that its characteristics meet the maximum needs of end users.

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Calculated parameters:

а/А, А-аDO2, HCO3-, TCO2, Beecf, Beb, SBC, A, PO2/FIO, SO2%, HB, nCa++, Anion Gap, RI, P50, O2Ct, O2Cap, Qsp/Qt, tpH, tPCO2,  tPO 2.

Optimally matched design of the electrodes.

The most expensive gas electrodes (Po2, Pco2), aswell as Glu and Lac are serviced by a structure that extends to several times their working life and reduces cost of operation. The remaining electrodes are maintenance-free design to reduce the cost of staff time to service the unit.

Packs (Cartridge) system simplifies operation of the instrument.
No need for gas cylinders for instrument calibration. All reagents are pack, including a waste container. Packie stored at room temperature. Packs system greatly simplifies instrument maintenance and increases the reliability and mobility.

Availability of standby mode with automatic switching.
For those laboratories that do not require twenty-four hours instrument readiness, saving costs and reducing reagents can be used stand-by mode. When the standby mode is proposed to set the date and time of the automatic output of the analyzer in the standby mode. When leaving the unit will automatically calibrate at 2 points the mind and will of glucose quality control. For a given time the unit is ready for operation.

Quality control.
The possibility of using both internal (a pack), and external (in the form of vials) of quality controls (QC). Possibility of on QC testing procedures automatically at a specified time.
Calibration options.
User-selectable, automatic calibration of 2-point minds every 2, 4 or 6 hours, first at every 30/45 minutes or with every model (mode, the default), re-calibration can be performed at any time.

Types of samples:
Whole (heparin), arterial, mixed venous, capillary blood and serum / plasma (in the analyzer Stat Profile pHOx Plus L).


Model Test menu Size, мкл  Productivity Analysis time, sec.
microprobe probe
рНОx pH, PC02, P02, SO2%, Hct, Hb 45 70 50 45
рНОx Plus pH, PC02, P02, SO2%, Hct, Hb, Na+, K+, CI- или Са++, Glu 55 115 44 50
рНОx Plus С pH, PC02, P02, SO2%, Hct, Hb, Na+, K+, CI-,Са++, Glu 60 125 44 52
рНОx Plus L pH, PC02, P02, SO2%, Hct, Hb, Na+, K+, CI- или Са++, Glu, Lac 60 125 40 52
рНОx Plus М pH, PC02, P02,  Hct,  Na+, K+, Са++, Glu, Lac, Mg + + 60 125 40 52


  • Performance 50 samples per hour.
  • Measuring time 50 seconds.
  • Russified version of the software.
  • Built-in automatic quality control system (KK) eliminates manual operations on his conduct.
  • Gasless calibration.
  • A single reagent pack with a capacity for waste.
  • Packs reagent system saves time and simplifies the maintenance of the device replacement procedure reagents.
  • Not complex, easily accessible hydraulic diagram of the device, allows staff to manage their own laboratories with its service and the elimination of potential problems.
  • Large touch screen with high resolution.
  • Visible flow path of the sensor chamber.
  • Statistical reports KK
  • Autosampler.
  • Built-in thermal printer, thermal paper with a comfortable dressing.
  • Power settings: 90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 W.
  • Interface: Serial port, 2 x USB ports, Ethernet port.
  • Size (cm): 38.1 x 30.5 x 38.1.
  • Weight: 8.2 kg.

Manufacturer: NOVA Biomedical